Sajeesh Parameswaran, Anil Kumar Thankappakurup Vijayamma, Ananthanarayana Marthanda Pillai
  MNJ, pp. 65-67  


Background: Short term video Electroencephalography (SVEEG) is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure typically last for about 1-5 hours. SVEEG can be utilize to differentiate epileptic from Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures (PNES).

Objective: To assess the yield of short term video EEG in detecting PNES.
Methods: Retrospective analysis of short term video EEG in a tertiary level hospital. Patient history, provisional diagnosis, previous EEG and imaging reports were tabulated. Various short term video EEG findings like epileptiform abnormalities, PNES and other non-epileptic events were analyzed in detail. According to the provisional diagnosis formed two groups; Suspecting NEE and suspecting seizure disorders. Change in the provisional diagnosis after SVEEGs were also studied.
Results: A total of 417 SVEEGs analyzed: 34(8.2%) patients developed events to suggest PNES, 16(3.8%) patients had other non-epileptic events; 96(23%) showed interictal epileptiform discharges,
15 (3.6%) showed seizures and 90(21.6%) patients showed non specific EEG abnormalities. Around 60% SVEEGs were conclusive.
Conclusion: A diagnostic event was recorded during SVEEG in majority of patients in the PNES group. SVEEG is a cost effective and useful diagnostic procedure; especially to identify non-epileptic events.


PNES; Video EEG; Non epileptic event; IED; Epilepsy

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